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The O’Shaughnessy Fellowship

The O’Shaughnessy Fellowship is a one-year program for ambitious people who want to make their mark on the world. Fellows receive $100,000 to work on any project they choose with support from OSV's network of founders, investors, and experts.

Applications for 2024 are now closed. We'll re-open for next year on 1st Jan 2025

2023 Fellow - Tony Morley
2023 Fellows - Diana Hrisovescu & Shay McDonnell
2024 Fellow - Justh
2023 Fellow -
2023 Fellow - Varsha Raghavan
2023 Fellow - Keshav Sharma
2023 Fellow - Dr Alice Evans
2023 Fellow - Oghenekevwe Emadago
2024 Fellow - Jack Connor
2023 Fellow - Nat & Martha Sharpe
2023 Fellow - Rohan Taori
2023 Fellow - Isabella Teng
2023 Fellow - Dr. Sandro Luna
2023 Fellow - Dr William Zeng
O'Shaughnessy Fellowships

Hear from our 2023 Awardees

2023 Fellow

Mykhailo Marynenko

A Ukrainian software and hardware engineer working on projects that combine technology, art, and human interaction.

“The best part is community (...) It's a lot of really smart people that give you the perspective that you haven't seen before.”

2023 Fellow - Mykhailo Marynenko
2023 Fellow - Oghenekevwe Emadago
2023 Fellow

Oghenekevwe Emadago

Oghenekevwe is an environmental activist, entrepreneur, and advocate for women and youth. He’s solving the problem of period poverty in rural Nigeria by developing eco-friendly sanitary pads made from banana fiber.

“One example was that (...) with two hours of asking for help, I connected to a Stanford professor who is working on a similar project as mine. This would not have been possible or would have taken weeks if not for OSV.”

2023 Fellow

Diana and Shay

Diana & Shay are students at Trinity College, Dublin. They are building Script - an online tool that helps immigrants access social welfare resources as fast as possible

“Being able to learn from the entire OSV Family is the best part of the Fellowship.”

2023 Fellows - Diana Hrisovescu & Shay McDonnell
2023 Fellow -
2023 Fellow

Kiubon Kokko

Kiubon is a documentary filmmaker based in Hong Kong. His first feature documentary, Holding on to Water, is slated to release soon.

“OSV thank you! It's been so wild so far, getting to direct my very own feature length documentary at 24. Grateful grateful grateful. Can't wait to see you at the premiere.”

Application Process

Timeline 2024

January 1, 2024 to February 29, 2024

Stage 1: Early Application Window

To apply, you must complete the Fellowships & Grants Program application form. You can see the questions here. We’ll be evaluating applications on a rolling basis.

The earlier you apply, the earlier your application will be evaluated.We’ll inform you if you’re shortlisted for the next round as soon as we make a decision.

You can view the sample form here.

March 1, 2024 to April 30, 2024

Extended Application Window

Missed the early application window? Don’t worry. You still have a chance to apply for the Fellowships after March 1st. Fill out the application form, and we’ll add it to our backlog and review it as soon as possible.

Till May 30, 2024

Stage 2: Group Discussions

Dive into a world of collaboration and get to know some of the other applicants. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to online group discussions and get a chance to connect with fellow applicants from around the globe. This is your chance to share ideas, spark creativity, and solve problems with the rest of the group.

Till May 30, 2024

Stage 3: Individual Interviews

Depending on your unique profile, you’ll get to meet and interact with members of the OSV team. Each interaction is a step closer to joining the Fellowship. Please mark your calendars: We’ll let you know the final decision by June 1st, 2024.

After July (to be announced at a later date)

Fellowship & Grants Commencement

Buckle up for a life-changing year. We’ll kick off the Fellowships & Grants Programs for all our Fellows and Grantees.


The internet has unleashed a new wave of innovations by making knowledge freely available and allowing collaborations that were not possible before.

COVID has accelerated all of these long-term trends. The rise of remote work has opened up a new wave of opportunities for everyone to find the most driven and skilled people in any field.

The internet allows you to find your tribe, your audience, your 1000 true fans. You are no longer bound by the standard script.

You can work a job, build an app, create online content or everything at the same time. The time of the career person is up. the time of the creator is now.

Each of our fellows will follow a unique path. Some will research new ideas, some will build new ideas, and some will spread new ideas.
Getting started with something new can be daunting, especially when you have responsibilities.

Innovation requires freedom to tinker, experiment and learn.

All fellows receive a $100,000 equity-free grant to pursue their projects for one year, post which we will help them raise equity if they choose to do so.
One of the hardest things about charting your path is finding the people you'll need to succeed on your own.

As part of the fellowship, we will connect you — to investors, partners, prospective customers and mentors who can help you on your journey.

Grants Program

We were blown away by the quality of applications we received for the Fellowships last year. In response, we announced a Grants program to enable even more people to unleash their potential.

This year, we’re expanding the program.

Twenty individuals will each receive a $10,000 grant and access to OSV’s network of founders, investors and experts to support them in bringing their projects to life.There is no separate application process for the Grants program. Winners will be selected on the basis of their Fellowship Application form.

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Who We’re Looking For

The Fellowships and Grants aim to support individuals of the highest calibre, working on projects that can positively impact the world. This can mean scientific-technical breakthroughs that propel our understanding of our world; creating art, sculptures, music or any other form of art that moves people and outlasts our lifetime or building tools that can help people.

If you believe you’re working on something that has the potential to uplift the world in a new way, we encourage you to apply.

While our Fellows and Grantees pursue a multitude of projects across a wide range of domains, all of them embody certain traits that we look for in individuals. The ideal candidate will exhibit all of the following traits and more:

Everyone has the power and capability to actively shape their future. We seek individuals who have consistently demonstrated initiative and proactiveness in their work and actions, reflecting a strong sense of personal agency.

Past performance does not necessarily predict future performance, but it offers valuable insights into an individual’s character and capabilities. A history of exemplary work in any domain will serve as a strong indicator of your skills, ability, and potential.

The Fellowships will provide financial aid to get your project off the ground, but how creatively can you use that funding to achieve the maximum impact in the shortest amount of time? We’re looking for people who are determined, have demonstrated good judgment, and can make ingenious use of limited resources to achieve their goals.


What are the eligibility criteria for the fellowship?
Who can apply?
Do I have to start a company to be part of the program?
I’m starting a venture-backed startup. Can I apply?
Do I have to quit my job to join the fellowship?
How many fellows and grantees will be selected?
What is the O’Shaughnessy Grants program?
Can I be a part of the fellowship remotely?
What are some examples of what people can work on as part of the fellowships? Does it have to be a company?