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To the Stars!

Our Investment in Atomos Space

We are excited to announce our investment in Atomos Nuclear and Space Corporation!

Atomos aims to enable more commercial companies to operate in space dynamically and sustainably. Whether placing new satellites in their operating orbit or moving old satellites to new missions, Atomos makes space more mobile.

Here’s what Jim had to say: "The space economy is here, and it's already changing the world for the better. Atomos' remarkable propulsion technology and OTV services will unleash new possibilities for humanity. We couldn't be more excited to partner with the Atomos team in their mission to make space more mobile."

About Atomos

Since its founding in late 2017 by Vanessa Clark and William Kowalski, Atomos Space has worked to revolutionize space logistics by developing and operating orbital transfer vehicles ("OTVs") to perform orbit-raising, precision insertion, phasing, and plane change services for satellites.

Figure 1: Atomos Space logo

A key aspect of Atomos' space-resident OTVs is their ability to rendezvous with and dock to client satellites in orbit. Atomos will demonstrate this critical capability in the first mission, which launches in January 2024.

"OSV immediately recognized the value of our orbital transfer vehicle services, as well as valuing who we are — our culture, scrappiness, and creative, technical approach," commented co-founder Clark. "We are thrilled to welcome OSV to our team and excited to have its support to make our orbital transfer vehicles a reality."