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The Save Wisdom Project 1000 Questions

Wisdom Unleashed

We recently collaborated with Brian Roemmele on his “Save Wisdom Project.” Below, Brian introduces the project and shares a link to his 1000 thoughtfully curated, crowdsourced, wisdom-eliciting questions.

Join us.

To save wisdom, we are connecting to the aim of our ancestors for epochs. The very early cave art and inscriptions were a form of a story to transfer concepts of wisdom. Writing was invented to transfer wisdom, Language was invented to transfer wisdom. Wisdom is the sum total insight we garner from sometimes a lifetime of data, information, knowledge, and insight. Yet in our epoch, unlike any in the past, wisdom has been valued far less.

“Once you get the grand mirror reflecting back, you’ll start seeing parts of humanity that you missed.” — Brian Roemmele

There has never been a grassroots initiative to save wisdom in history. We have been limited to allegorical stories and some published writings. Yet today, it can be argued that with social media now everyone can become “published”. But we can now see that these platforms do not prove to show the best of humanity, but perhaps the worse, and very little wisdom is saved.

What can we do?

This is the basis of The Save Wisdom Project. The simple goal is to preserve wisdom, for you, your family or the world. The process is simple and low tech to start with. We encourage a simple low-cost digital (or tape) Voice Memo device, many are below $50. Why this sort of forgotten devices in 2023 and beyond? There are many reasons, here are three:

  • A dedicated device tends to be used more. There is no app, and you just press record and read a question and answer it. Taking a free moment to answer these questions through your life will be import, this is a single use device.
  • The device does not go on the internet and is held entirely local. The content you generate, if taken seriously by the answerer, is deeply emotional and personal. It is vital you can account for the security of the device (a safe) and the access to it.
  • Unlimited time. With replacement micro SD cards, you can take your time and answer some questions in the hours.

Join us here, it's free.

Brian Roemmele | Twitter Post