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OSV is expanding. We are on the look out for new talent, fresh thinkers, and people who challenge the norm.

Venture Analyst


A bit about the role

The original name of Venture Capital was Adventure Capital because it was akin to going on a gripping adventure.

We at OSV seek a relentlessly resourceful Analyst to join us on an Adventure of a lifetime as part of the Infinite Adventures team.

Startups today are facing massive headwinds. They’re in the midst of a perfect storm of rising rates, falling funding, and cut-throat competition. Despite this, plenty of fearless founders are starting new companies every day. At OSV, we want to do our part in helping these companies make a ding in the universe.

As an analyst, you will play a key role in supporting our investment team with identifying and evaluating these standout opportunities. You’ll scour the market to understand the opportunities and challenges. You will dive deep into the industries to understand these companies and founders while conducting due diligence and providing ongoing support to our portfolio companies.

We want this position to become a springboard for you into the world of Venture Capital. We understand there may be many paths to this, and these may include you joining a more prominent VC firm after a couple of years or continuing to grow with us at OSV.
  • Conduct detailed research on investment opportunities, including market analysis, competitive benchmarking, and financial analysis.
  • Evaluate pitch decks and provide feedback.
  • Build financial models and perform due diligence on prospective investments, including assessing the team, product, and market opportunity.
  • Attend relevant industry events and network with entrepreneurs and investors.
  • Monitor and track portfolio company performance.
  • Provide ongoing support to portfolio companies, including connecting them with relevant resources and assisting with strategic planning.

No bureaucracy

You'll have a direct line of communication with our CEO Jim O'Shaughnessy, Chief of Staff, and team members who are in charge of specific verticals.
There will be no gatekeepers to slow you down in either the communication processes or with decision making within your domain of work. You will enjoy both implementation & creative freedom in your role.
At OSV you're judged on your ability and the quality of your input, and not in a position within some hierarchy. Solid ideas & great implementation are the keys to continuing growth here.

Desirable qualities

  • Excited by new ideas and innovations in a variety of domains and markets.
  • Eager to partner with ambitious and driven founders to help them build the next big idea.
  • Intellectually curious, have a multi-disciplinary skillset and a wide range of interests.
  • Strong analytical and financial modeling skills.
  • Knowledge of the technology industry, competitive landscape, and emerging technologies.
  • Strong attention to detail and ability to work under tight deadlines.
  • Prior experience working in a technology-focused role, such as product management, engineering, or data science.
  • 1-3 years of experience in venture capital, private equity, investment banking, or a similar quantitative field.
  • Experience working at an early-stage startup or with early-stage investments.
If you have a passion for technology and startups and are looking to be part of a quant-minded, creative-hearted VC firm, we encourage you to apply for this position.

Other things
to know

You can live / work anywhere. We are a 100% remote 🌏 team.
This would be a full time role. We are open to a flexible working schedule for the right candidate.
You can work on your own schedule through the week, but you'll require some overlapping hours with key team members (US Eastern Time, UK & India) when there are discussions to be had.
Open to discussing this with the right candidate, but feel free to state your salary expectation in the questionnaire.

The process

Pick an industry and sub-sector that interests you. Pick a promising, early-stage startup in that sector. Write a 2-page investment memo covering the reasons why OSV should invest in that company. Please also include details about the overall market, competitive landscape, and any other data points that might be relevant.

Add a link to the memo in the form below by Mon, 10th April 2023, 23:59 PT.
Here the final set of candidates will have interviews with a couple of our key team members.
The successful candidate will be invited to a part-time paid trial for 3 to 6 weeks to work on an OSV project. We hope you'll excel during this time so we can have you on board as our first Venture Analyst! 🎉
We will notify you by email after reviewing your submission. Please give us a couple of weeks after submission to provide you with a response.
Get started by filling out this questionnaire: